5 reasons why it’s good to work abroad

Work experiences through internships have become an important part of the educational system. While many of us are gaining experience locally, what really stands out is an international work experience in your CV. Here are five reasons why its good to work abroad

#1   Learn to stand on your own feet   

No better way to “grow up for real” than moving several miles away from your family. Since neither mom & dad are near you, you have to make the effort and figure how things work in your temporarily home. Each country’s regulations are different so you have to memorize what are the do-s and don’t-s in that region.  And I think that once you figure out how to pay a cheque/ open a bank account/ get the basic needs for staying alive abroad, doing the same things will be million times easier in your home country.


#2  Expanding your network

Since you are in a totally new environment you are surrounded with totally new people as well. Having local contacts is good but a network of internationals working in the same field as you is even better. Making new contacts can bring a lot of opportunities in your way. It will definitely help you in your future leadership endeavours. Who knows, your dream job might find you!


#3  Experience a new culture

While living in a new country it’s impossible not to immerse yourself in its culture! What’s more it’s highly possible you picked your destination based on its cultural practices. Each and every part of the world has different charms, different wonders. Experiencing as much as you can at the doorstep of your career can develop you and form you in the best of ways. You get to see things from more aspects, with different mindsets than just having the “good old (boring)” method. A new culture can inspire you to “bloom”, to show a side of yours which even yourself might have not seen yet! Which is –again – pretty important career-wise: CEO-s like innovation, being more experienced/well-travelled/more creative can only be to your advantage.


#4  Work in diverse teams

It is absolutely important to learn to be part of a team of different individuals from different backgrounds. Working abroad challenges you to be part of diverse teams that push you to adapt and work together to achieve the common goal. People management skills and making a group of different individuals work together by understanding their strengths and weaknesses to develop them and yourself is a important skill. Constant collaboration among various teams in an organization makes processes simpler and faster.


#5  Travel the world

If you ask someone what they would do if money was not an issue? Majority of us would say travel the world! Working abroad is an excellent opportunity to travel the world while contributing to personal development. Travelling for pleasure on a vacation can be expensive and it lasts only for a few days but If you are working abroad, the chances of you visiting and exploring different places across the country you are in increase.


AIESEC provides a variety of opportunities where you can try yourself in a professional working environment. However even though the possibility is given you might need some “reminders” or a bit of boost to take the first step and apply. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

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