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AIESEC is the biggest community of Young people in the world, with more than 70.000 active members all around the world, presence in 2400 universities in 127 countries and territories all around the world. Our platform gathers together people interested in world issues and creates opportunities for people to discover and develop their leadership potential in order to generate positive impact together with communities and partners.

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your personal values, goals and passion

a community based on teamwork and entrepreneurship

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A Day in the Life of an AIESECer

Her name is Nikolett, an AIESEC member in Hungary and also a university student, and this is how a week of AIESEC activities looks.

Monday (Team Lunch)

Nikolett shares a lunch with her friends and plans her AIESEC week. Set up priorities and responsibilities while sharing a delicious sandwich. :)

Tuesday (Practical Skills)

Today Nikolett is busy learning about new market segmentation and developing sales skills at the same time. She calls companies and utilizes her new knowledge.

Wednesday (Soft Skills)

All the AIESECers are gathering together. A member of the national office will train everyone on emotional intelligence and team management.

Thursday (Company Meeting)

Nikolett has an appointment with the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Hungary. It´s incredible how she convinces him to believe that young talent can make the difference in companies.

Friday (Connecting with Friends)

An intern from Brazil just arrived at the airport. Everyone is excited to pick him up, show him the city, and chill out by sharing stories and relaxing a bit.