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Világhírű paprikás krumpli


Az AIESEC BME-nek köszönhetően valóra válhatott egy régi álmom és lehetőségem nyílt arra, hogy  6 hetet töltsek önkéntesként Lisszabonban, Portugáliában.

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Polish my English in Poland!


When I decided to travel to Poland, I was already an AIESECer (AIESEC member). The reason behind my decision was the fact that I did not feel myself credible as an AIESECer who has never experienced the service and project which we are offering.
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I was afraid of kids…


I wanted to develop myself, mostly my communication skills, I wanted to have something new in my life and so on. That’s why I grabbed the opportunity to go abroad. More info


Fifty days around Romania


The most exciting parts were the first 2 weeks when we traveled around the whole country with 20 other volunteers. The first time we went to the Black Sea and Brasov, during the long hours in train I got to know a lot of people, their culture and their religion.

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