How to reach No Poverty (SDG#1)

Imagine a world where everybody has food to eat, a shelter to live under and clothes to wear. Now imagine the actual world where almost three billion people live on less than $2.50 per day and don’t have food, clothing and shelter. Do you see the massive difference between these two worlds ? When in 2015 the UN released SDG#1 (No Poverty) for the world to follow, eradicating these differences you imagined was the main aim.

Under SDG#1 there were 7 main targets for the world to achieve by 2030 –

1. Eradicate extreme poverty

2. Reduce poverty by at least 50%

3. Implement Social Protection Systems

4. Equal rights to ownerships, basic services, technology and economic resources

5. Build resilience to environmental, economic and social disasters

6. Mobilise resources to end poverty

7. Create pro – poor and gender sensitive policy frameworks

On the UN Global goals site, a detailed version of these targets can be found along with some latest actions the world is taking towards minimising poverty. The same page is found quoting something along the lines of “Eradicating poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice…”

If you were to show every person these goals, they’d agree with the agenda and think that it makes perfect sense for the world right now. Just agreeing is where majority of people stop though, but forget doing something about it and be the difference towards achieving this agenda.

The biggest question that then comes is how do you do something towards this goal ?

  • Charity – Find a local charity working in accordance with goal 1 and support them. The amount doesn’t matter. Drops make oceans. Recently ONE started a campaign fighting against extreme poverty. Likewise, there are many more organisations like Save The Children, Trickle Up and Oxfam among many more fighting poverty.
  • Donations – Find local charities and give away your old clothes, books and anything that can be given new life. Also keep on the look out for campaigns collecting stuff for victims of various disasters.
  • Volunteer – Over 8% of the world exists in poverty. If you’re willing to make a change and have a passionate heart, go with AIESEC for an exchange involving a project working towards SDG#1.

The progress of SDG#1 till now can be found on the knowledge platform too.

General information about the UN Global Goals (SDGs) can also be found on our blog, with further information how you can work towards other goals too.

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