I was afraid of kids…

I wanted to develop myself, mostly my communication skills, I wanted to have something new in my life and so on. That’s why I grabbed the opportunity to go abroad. I was looking for interesting projects which are connected to my apirations, when I found one in the Czech Republic. It was about teaching my own culture and english, I thought it might be interesting so I chose it.

I was so excited because I can see a new country and discover a new culture. I felt it is going to be the most exciting experience of my life but the big challenge as well because I was really afraid of the kids. I didn’t know how should I inspire them and how to find the right way to cummunicate with them. During my trip everything improved, I found out that I could be confident after I made a kid talk with me even if he didnt speak his own language very well. I defeated my fears. I developed my communication skills in this new environment and I started to reflect on my experience, I understand myself deeper, I know what I am good at and what are my weaknesses. The experience shaped me as I wanted and I became a better version of me. Travelling the world and getting to know other cultures is a fundamental way to get to know yourself. It is the best opportunity to improve yourself step by step, to see who you really are and become the person you wanted to be. Volunteering abroad helped me to find my own way in this infinite and unexpected journey, which is life.

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