AIESEC Local Committee of BME

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Executive Board

AIESEC BME was found in 2007, and nowadays is one of the biggest Local Committees in Hungary.
One of the main characteristics of our Local Committee is, that we have the majority of the engineer students in our exchange application pool and also in our member pool in Hungary, because our office is located in Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
Also, we have the very innovative mindset. We are running few new projects or programs every year, which are reacted on current world issues. One of these projects – the remarkable event called Multicolor Fest (which is like Holi festival in India) – has become one of the biggest AIESEC events in Hungary.
The other biggest innovative project is an incoming summer camp called Summer For Youth, which is successfully organized by our local committee each year since 2012.
We really believe in AIESEC values, vision and products. The evidence for this, that many of or members went for Global Volunteering Project, not to mention that after their become Alumni of the organization, they decided to go to a Global Talent Program.
It’s also proved, that we have qualitative programs, beautiful cities, and hostile people. Many Trainees stay in the country and continue working for the company right after their Global Talent Program experience.