AIESEC Local Committee of Pécs


Executive Board

Local Committee of Pécs was founded in 1976, providing leadership developing opportunities to youth in Baranya, Tolna, Somony and Zala county. We are working together with a group of solution- and action-oriented people. With them we are focusing to increase the volume of innovation and startup culture in the region. Our goal is to develop the next generation of leaders and connect them with educational, non-profit and business-oriented organisations. Currently we are in partnership with many regional organisations for whom we providery international volunteers to them, and international opportunities to students of universities in Dunántúl.
We are proud of having many country-wide and international leaders in our alumni network, among Péter Vida, President of Viapan Group, Zsolt Pozvai, CEO of DEVELOR and János Handó, CEO of Katica Tanya in Patca, who started their carreer in our local committee.