AIESEC and SentiOne – A stellar partnership on the rise


In November 2017, us, the youth representatives of AIESEC in Hungary and the directors of Hungarian-founded enterprise, SentiOne started a long-term, blooming and fruitful partnership and continuous collaboration for mutual benefit – for the development of the Hungarian entrepreneurial youth’s mindset and opportunities and for consciously contributing to the development the company’s image.

SentiOne was founded in 2011 and it encompasses a dynamic team, focusing primarily on social media listening in Europe, dealing with hundreds of European brands on various European markets to bring novelty and uniqueness to market research processes and practices. They seek to help brands track its consumers’ opinions and activities in various social media websites such as Facebook. With the help of SentiOne, we can collect consumer insights, boost online sales and marketing, control the brand’s online reputation by consciously developing its image and also track social media KPIs and measures of successes.

We, as AIESEC in Hungary and the directors of SentiOne came to the conclusion last year in 2017, that starting and maintaining a partnership would bring benefits to all the stakeholders, the brave youth of Hungary, and the enterprise itself, for reaching out to some of the top talents of the Hungarian youth by starting a continuous collaboration and by understanding the needs and trends of the Hungarian youth through creating a long-term partnership with the youth of AIESEC in Hungary.

With the help and use of sophisticated and innovative SentiOne software, AIESEC in Hungary would be able to conduct full-scale market researches with brand new attributes and processes, to enhance our reach and to find new relevance for our existence in the Hungarian market, both from the point of view of Hungarian youth and the Hungarian entrepreneurial world. Moreover, we believe, a prosperous partnership with SentiOne would also raise awareness, starting with the Hungarian youth, to think out of the box, find innovative ways to make our processes smoother and better and to be proud of our partnerships, allowing us to measure our relevance in the Hungarian market with sophisticated and original ways.

We believe, this partnership with SentiOne will be a mutual benefit, as we wish to represent our bond with appearances and presentations of the highly skilled representatives of the enterprise on our prestigious national conferences and be able to implement all the feedback we consciously give each other, to make the partnership bloom and to make our research opportunities smoother. I am really thankful for being able to start cooperation with such a dynamic and enthusiastic team of brave individuals, because cooperating with the SentiOne team is incredible. We are also able to use user-friendly systems, which enormously contribute to conducting quality researches and opportunities.

SentiOne, thank you for reacting to the needs of the Hungarian youth by collaborating with AIESEC in Hungary since 2017 and we wish to deepen this cooperating by finding new ways for mutual benefit and also by creating opportunities for each other, and we wish to have you at our next national conference as well. We are really making a change together, as one, I am looking forward to reaching our common goals.

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