How to deal with culture shock?

Accept, adapt, overcome!

Culture shock is the effect of being cut off from your familiar culture, environment and norms. The period of adjustment can cause stress, frustration, confusion and even depression.
Have you ever noticed these symptoms during your travels?
Are you afraid of experiencing culture shock once you step outside of your comfort zone?
We have some tips for you on how to adapt to a new environment!

Adjustment to a new culture has 5 different stages. It starts with the honeymoon period. At some point, you will start to notice the difference in people’s manners, values and habits. This may cause a period of confusion. You may even feel worried, homesick. Don’t be frightened, just read on – we will show you how to fight this off.
Eventually, a breakthrough will come, and you will be able to enjoy your stay peacefully.

Prepare for the hard days ahead; in time, with proper support and using the right strategies, you will be able to adjust, adapt and accept.

So, how to adapt to a new culture?

  1. Stop comparing to home!
    Avoid constantly comparing with your home country. Open a new page, and think of it as a whole new world!

  2. Meet the right kind of people!
    Search for positive thinking, open-minded locals who can help you understand their culture. Find explanation to the differences, and connect with the people around you. Don’t be shy; tell them if you feel homesick. They will understand and support you on your journey.

  3. Get active!
    Start a new hobby or pastime (preferably with your local friends). Even better if it’s something you wouldn’t be able to do at home.

  4. Stay in touch!
    Keep connection with family and friends on a weekly basis, but don’t hang on your phone all the time! Leave time to experience everything your destination can provide.

  5. Sharing is caring!
    Share your own culture with your new friends and share your experiences with your friends
    at home. You can even start a blog or make videos about it. It will help you to accept the culture as your own.

Even the most hardened and well-travelled business people experience culture shock. It is a normal and natural reaction to new and strange surroundings. Don’t let it discourage you! Remember why you took the opportunity to travel, and don’t miss out!

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