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Education is important. This is a statement that no person needs to justify. Behind every successful person lies quality education and a desire to do great things. Bridge, an international NGO set up in Africa and Asia recently tweeted about how there are 263 million children worldwide who don’t have schools to go, and that according to UNESCO if we put a child in school every minute, it would take us 500 years for making sure every child has a school to go to.‘

Goal 4 is aimed at achieving quality education for everybody by 2030, and to achieve that we need to come up with innovative measured ideas that benefit those not receiving quality education. While people not receiving education is a major concern, the standards of the education that people are already receiving is another unchartered territory. 

To eradicate all these problems and hence achieve Quality Education, the UN set 10 targets that need to be achieved by 2030 – 

  1. Free Primary and Secondary Education 
  2. Equal Access to Quality Pre – Primary Education 
  3. Equal Access to Affordable Technical, Vocational and Higher Education 
  4. Increase the Number of People with Relevant Skills for Financial Success 
  5. Eliminate all Discrimination in Education 
  6. Universal Literacy and Numeracy 
  7. Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship 
  8. Build and Upgrade Inclusive and Safe Schools 
  9. Expand Higher Education Scholarships for Developing Countries
  10. Increase the Supply of Qualified Teachers in Developing Countries 

You can find out more about the targets on the site of the UN Global Goals.

While NGOs and the government and huge organisations are doing their part in achieving quality education, what can a normal average person do to contribute towards the cause ?

  • Donate your old books to schools or people in need. 
  • Go to a local school, set up a drive and see that their needs are met. 
  • Take online courses and promote it to others. In this digital world, education is easier to access than it has ever been.
  • Tutor and mentor young people. Often knowledge is the best gift you can give to a young person. 
  • Donate towards any local charity that works towards achieving Quality Education. 
  • Go with AIESEC for an exchange and work in a project aimed at achieving Quality Education. *

* If you’re planning to go for an AIESEC exchange and have doubts and questions, check out an exchange story about quality education on our blog.

General information about the UN Global Goals (SDGs) can also be found on our blog, with further information how you can work towards other goals too.

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