Essentials for Festivals – Join us at EFOTT Festival

Summer is here, festivals are kicking off, and you are either:

  1. panicking trying not to forget the most necessary things at home
  2. having a hard time figuring out what are those crucial items you need for these events.

If you are one of the people from the two teams I have great news: I brought you THE best guide which will make your festival trip 10x more enjoyable.


#1  Water

Unfortunately teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, so you should keep in mind it’ll take a couple of minutes to get to the venue. And it’s also highly likely even after you arrive, there will be a pretty long queue – you need to stay hydrated, especially in a crazy hot weather like this. Check the rules of the festival you are heading to, but most of it will allow you to take in non-alcoholic beverages up until a certain amount. The plastic bottle will come in handy as well, you can refill it anytime, making sure you have enough water supply throughout the event’s whole duration.


#2 Sun cream

You can easily forget about this key essential – however your skin will gladly thank if you do not do so. This year it’s especially important as the weather is extremely sunny.  Getting sunburnt can have serious consequences and I assume you did not buy the concert ticket to stare at the hospital’s wall. To be able to live the festival moments carefree pop in your backpack a bottle of sun cream as well.

+ Pro tip: Putting it on every 2 hours will guarantee the nice sun-kissed tan (instead of the human lobster one). Do not forget your skin sucks the ingredients in pretty fast so you do have to re-apply the cream at least 2-3 times a day.


#3 Plaster

No matter how hard you try to look after yourself little accidents can still happen, so just pop some plasters in your backpack. They can save life in many cases: let it be a cut, a bruise or blister. Plus they can make you a hero in your friends’ eyes if you can help them out in this aspect. 😉


#4 Portable phone charger

Power banks are God-send inventions. They can save you the fuss of running around trying to eagerly find an outlet. Smart phones are really “smart” and sassy as they have the habit of dying when you would need them the most. With this gadget you won’t have to worry about losing your mates as you can stay charged 2-3x longer.


#5 Weather appropriate clothing

Always check the weather forecast and be prepared according to that. If it’s hot then make sure you have sunglasses & a hat, if they predict a rainy weather for the time then pack a raincoat: umbrellas can be dangerous in a huge crowd so definitely go for the previous option.

And last but not least


#6 Medication

A sudden headache/bellyache etc. can occur anytime so pack some pain relievers as well. You should especially be mindful of this if you are allergic to something.

Apart from the above mentioned of course you will need your tickets, ID card and some cash. Do not over pack as you’ll be standing most of the time, it’s smart not to strain your spine.

In case you would forget something you shouldn’t worry either: people are generally glad to help you out. And who knows, you might run into and AIESEC Exchange Participant as attending festivals are one of the most popular ways to relax while they are completing their programs. While chatting with them you can get tempted by traveling to abroad to experience a wonderful journey like them. Great news!:  we will be at both EFOTT and Sziget this year! Feel free to visit us so we can find the perfect opportunity for you on the spot.

Hope to see you at the events! Enjoy the concerts!

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