How to Travel Safe after COVID-19

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Did you have to stop your travel plans because of COVID-19 and recommended safety measures? We have good news! Our opportunities will reopen in September, and here is everything you need to know about it. 

We’ve done it. It is already almost July, and many countries around the world are returning to their regular routines. Europe is recovering, and countries like Italy – one of the world’s epicenter – is back to its full-time activities. In Hungary, for example, the government decided to ease border restrictions last month.

Travelling after COVID-19

Although we have been talking about, our lives “going back to normal” truth is that this outbreak brought new standards to our routines. On the subject of tavelling, many aspects must be considered, such as hygiene standards and how airports can guarantee more clean and safe spaces. Other measures like testing passengers are now part of some airline companies’ policies, and protocols like a “digital health passport” with personal information and individual risk profile are being studied. 

Other important things to consider about travelling will be the costs, visa situation, your testing results for COVID-19, and which hygiene objects you should pack – remember to pack masks and hand sanitizer. 

Travelling with AIESEC

n case you had to stop your travelling plans because of the outbreak or met our organization during quarantine, you must know that all of our exchanges stopped, and people who were travelling returned home. 

But now the situation is different and, following WHO safety measures, we will return our exchange activities next September! There are several countries where you can go to enjoy your volunteer experience abroad, and here is a little bit about them and COVID-19 numbers. 

If you’re still wondering how to apply to an opportunity, here’s a simple guide:

  1. Register at 
  2. Wait for someone from the nearest committee contact you (or contact it directly)
  3. Choose your destination and project
  4. Get health insurance!  (click on the link and get a special discount with the code hello15AIESEC)
  5. Go on your adventure

But now the situation is different and, following WHO safety measures, we will return our exchange activities next September! There are several countries where you can go to enjoy your volunteer experience abroad, and here is a little bit about them and COVID-19 numbers. 

Main destinations from Hungary

One of AIESEC’s exchange benefits is the low budget. Leaving from Hungary, there are many different destinations in Europe and Africa where you can go. Here is a little bit more information about our destination options and their current public health situation. 

  1. Greece

Greece is a paradisiacal destination with beautiful beaches and incredible historical sites to be explored. The country started to ease safety measures at the beginning of May. By the end of the month, ferry services to Greek Islands were open – three weeks earlier than planned due to the country’s low infection rate compared to other Mediterranean countries. In case you consider going to Greece an option, you should know that: 

  • the use of masks is mandatory on the airport terminal
  • visitors will not be quarantined on arrival
  • passengers are encouraged to prioritize e-service options
  • in the cities, the number of diners will be limited 
  • the emergency number for COVID-19 related inquiries is 1135

2. Poland

A little bit to the north you can find another great travel destination. On June 13th, Poland reopened the border, and now citizens from Switzerland, the European Union, and EFTA can travel with no restrictions through the country. Practicing social distance is still mandatory, and stories and restaurants have occupancy restrictions. In case you consider going to Poland an option, you should know that:    

  • Passengers must complete the health declaration according to airline’s instructions
  • Devices with disinfectants for passengers are available
  • Face covering is still mandatory in stories and public transportation, but no longer in public spaces, if social distancing is observed
  • At the entrance of shops, disinfectants and disposable gloves are available to customers 

3. Morocco

This can be your chance to have an adventure exploring a different culture and lifestyle in Morocco. Explore amazing landscapes during your volunteering experience there. The country is now starting to ease lockdown measures imposed on March 20. Domestic flights are allowed since June 25, and Spain is planning to reopen its borders with the country on July 1. In case you consider going to Morocco an option, here’s more about easing measures applied by June 24:

  • Cafes and restaurants can not exceed 50% of its full capacity
  • Public transport between cities is allowed (road and rail)
  • Opening of gyms, hammams, hair and beauty salons 
  • Ending the requirement for all commercial activities to finish at 8 pm

4. Serbia

The time of your life can be expecting you across the border. Serbia ended its state of emergency during May and canceled travel restrictions with several countries since June 1. Social distancing at all times is encouraged, and the use of face masks is recommended in indoor places. In case you consider to visit Serbia an option, here’s what you should know:

  • There are no restrictions on movement for residents of all ages, but everyone is advised to respect the social distancing measures
  • Intercity, urban and suburban bus and rail public transportation are open
  • It’s no longer necessary to have a negative PCR test to enter the country
  • The government abolished self-isolation requirements upon entry 

Positive impact in a world after pandemic

What we experienced during the last months helped us to understand how our actions can impact the world around us. AIESEC exchanges are about committing with social change and taking responsibility to be part of the solution. Why not use your next experience abroad to contribute with a bigger purpose? Register on to be in touch with opportunities and follow AIESEC in Hungary on Instagram to be more information about destinations. Remember to travel safe! 

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