Polish my English in Poland!

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When I decided to travel to Poland, I was already an AIESECer (AIESEC member). The reason behind my decision was the fact that I did not feel myself credible as an AIESECer who has never experienced the service and project which we are offering.
Furthermore, I wanted topush my limits and spend 6 weeks abroad alone, which I have never tried before as it seemed too challenging to me. But then I had a brave moment and that was all that was needed.

Even though I chose Poland as a destination, I was afraid of this experience, whether I will be able to teach the children in the nursery or how can I co-operate with the other volunteers. Would we be able to find the common language with a Moroccan, a Romanian, a Turkish, a Chinese, a Bosnian and an Azerbaijani volunteer? Fortunately, I had a pleasant surprise. Everyone was more than kind and helpful all the time, especially my boss, who even invited us for a dinner to Praha, which was unforgettable. It was challenging to make myself understood by everyone but especially with the Polish kids, since they were unable to speak in English and hardly their own language. We were usually staying in the nursery with our boss, because she was the one who could speak both in English and in Polish, but sometimes she had to leave and we could only use body language to communicate, but we managed to solve the communication.

I experienced a cultural shock, since I was living with 6 volunteers from all over the world. As we were sharing the same flat, we could get to know each other much better. We were exploring the city and the country during the weekends. So, I had a chance to visit the whole country, not just lower Silesia (…).

My most memorable moment was my last evening there. I will never forget the kind-of surprise good-bye party which was organized by my boss and mates. It was so unexpected! I wish I could live all of that over and over and I wouldn’t get bored of it.

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