The Sustainable Development Goals

“While the Generation Y have their own gadget problems in this fast moving 21st century, what people forget more often than not are the problems concerning our environment and sustaining it.” 

Fast forward to 2015 when the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or more commonly known as the UN Global goals are released by the UN and that statement starts becoming more and more untrue with every passing day.

When the General Assembly (specifically Department of Economic and Social Affairs) released the 17 SDGs, their main goal was to have a better sustained world by 2030. The agenda did not just aim at a better planet, but also at a better humanity. The whole agenda can be found in the UN resolution archive as resolution number A/70/L.1.

Each sustainable development goal has multiple icons on their individual logos depicting specific measures with an aim to achieve 169 targets so as to attain a better planet and a better humanity by 2030.

Achieving these goals have become the top priority of many diverse powers and concerning responsibilities over the past three years or so. Every country has been assigned a particular global goal to sustain their economy and environment after taking into consideration which goal is most sensible for the country’s landscape and how they can approach it. Hungary’s global goal for the year 2018 is Life Below Water (number 14) which journalists believe was decided taking into consideration River Danube.

Off late NGOs such as ONE, Donor Direct Action, Chime for Change and Girls not Brides among many others have taken stands and initiatives to achieve various sustainable development goals. The summer of 2018 was specifically productive towards achieving these goals with all the spectacles going around the time. Under the news section of the Global Goals website, you could easily spot an article about How Flip Flops, Ice Cream and Football are saving the World.

If there’s somebody who takes vivid interest in these goals, UN also provides an online certified course about the Sustainable Development Goals where you could educate yourself or gain knowledge to educate others about them.

If you’re an energetic and passionate youth and are wondering how you could do your part towards reaching these goals, a plausible start could be going for an exchange with AIESEC and volunteering towards the UN Global Goals.

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