Let your voice be heard

About YouthSpeak

YouthSpeak is about converting youth opinion into real world impact. Understand and connect with what young people care about and help empower them to take action on issues that will create a positive impact in our society.


How do we do this?

  • Create a movement

    We inspire a global movement driven by young people that unites a global community of people and leaders who want to make a difference in society.

  • Forming a global youth voice

    Through a global youth survey, we turn their opinions and thoughts into a global youth voice that amplifies our ability to create sustainable change by first understanding the challenges at hand, and the motivations to enable such change.

  • Advocating for change

    By advocating on behalf of the global youth voice, we aim to work together with decision makers to drive change in areas like education and employment to enable more young people to achieve their full potential.

YouthSpeak Survey

YouthSpeak Survey, run by AIESEC, is a global insight survey created by youth for youth. It is designed to understand what young people care about and how they would like to participate in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and issues that matter to them.