Unwanted consequences

So you decided to go abroad and experience a completely new culture. But what if the difference proves to be too big –for your tummy?

Trying local delicacies is part of the experience. But especially Europeans travelling to exotic countries, like India or Egypt, can be challenged by the new cuisines.

Now, we would like to give you some tips on how to avoid the unnecessary, and be able to enjoy every taste of the new country you are discovering.

  1. Try to find & eliminate the cause
    It may be the new spices, too much chilies, an unknown type of fruit or vegetable… If the worst happens, stick to „safe” foods, that you are used to. Once you are asymptomatic (your system works normally again), you can introduce the novelties one by one, and see which of them is hard to take in for your body.


  2. Tap water may be an economic choice,
    …but it is not always as clean as the one at home. My friend lost 9 kilograms in Egypt; I was struggling in Brussels, all because we weren’t used to the local tapwater.
    Eliminating tap water is harder than you think!
    Often it is enough to switch to drinking mineral water. But in some extreme cases, you have to remember: ice cubes, even in high class restaurants, are made from tap water, which is also used for cooking. Sad, but true.

  3. Street food is an essential part of the culture.
    If you see something tempting at the street. it is hard to resist. But the circumtances are difficult. Even in Europe food prepared and sold on the street is risky. foodWe don’t say
    miss it, but take our advice. Choose a place that prepares it fresh for you, don’t take food that has been sitting in the 
  4. open! Generally freshly fried foods are safe, because the hot oil kills everything you don’t want to consume, so forget about calories and devour them!

  5. So what can I eat?!
    Your safest bet is: toasts, apples, bananas, hard boiled eggs, later yoghurt with crackers… Yes, this diet is poor and boring – but only one or two days will get you back on track, so you can live your experience to the fullest.

+1   Take your tablets!
       There are already a lot of helping supplements. Ask your doctor, a pack a box from home – you never know if that certain pill is available at your destination!

Now you are prepared for the unpredictable!

Don’t be afraid to try local dishes and delicacies – they are an essential part of the history and the living culture. And of course – they are delicious!

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