Mission Zero Hunger

Despite progress more than 790 million people suffer from hunger. Chronic undernutrition is faced by one out of every four children under the age of 5. The number of overweight children below age 5 has increased to 41 million, which is about 6 per cent. Agriculture’s share of government expenditures lags behind the contribution they make economically. 

Goal 2 is aimed at eliminating hunger of all forms, achieving food security by the end of 2030, and making sure statements like those made above would be a thing in the past. While all the sustainable development goals reach out to a particular community of living beings, zero hunger is one that affects everybody. After all, who loves being hungry ?

Zero Hunger as a goal has 8 main targets to be achieved –
1. Universal Access to Safe and Nutritious Food
2. End all forms of Malnutrition
3. Double the Productivity and Incomes of Small – Scale Food Producers
4. Sustainable Food Production and Resilient Agricultural Practices
5. Maintain the Genetic Diversity in Food Production
6. Invest in Rural Infrastructure, Agricultural Research, Technology and Gene Banks
7. Prevent Agricultural Trade Restrictions, Market Distortions and Export Subsidies
8. Ensure Stable Food Commodity Markets and Timely Access to Information

Further information and details about these targets can be found on the site of the UN Global Goals.

The next obvious question that arises is what can we do to achieve zero hunger –
  • Find charities and NGOs that support goal 2 and support them financially or through human resource.
  • Avoid buying food that are off season and not local. Try growing your own food, if possible.
  • Don’t waste food. Freeze leftovers and fresh products for future usage.
  • Don’t be ashamed to buy fruits that are out of shape, size or colour. Such fruits (also called funny fruits) are usually thrown away or get wasted.
  • Go with AIESEC for a volunteering experience to another country and be a part of a project that is aimed at achieving zero hunger.


General information about the UN Global Goals (SDGs) can also be found on our blog, with further information how you can work towards other goals too.

Source for facts : http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals/goal-2-zero-hunger.html


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